Fetching jobs with location Germany/EU

Hi there,
I have tried to fetch jobs from Germany with country concept ID = “G3M7_959_8Pp” but got only one job returned from the Job Search API.
I am also aware of the Links API endpoint (https://links.api.jobtechdev.se/joblinks?country=G3M7_959_8Pp&offset=0&limit=100) which returns me 11 jobs.

A few questions regarding that topic:

  • Do you have other endpoints/parameters to get jobs from Germany?
  • Would you be able/interested to narrow down German locations to districts or regions, e. g. Berlin (“nuts_level_3_code_2021” = “8sKr_fZx_fwJ”)?
  • Are you planning to add more jobs from countries across Europe to your job APIs?
  • Are you aware of other useful APIs with jobs from Germany and EU that you would recommend?

The most likely cause is that there are very few jobs in Germany posted in Sweden right now. That concept id is what you need to use, but if only one employer posts an ad that’s the only hit you’ll get.

Using cities or regions outside Sweden would require the employer to enter that data, if they do, the existing search parameters can be used.

Our api:s are focused on jobs in Sweden, so right now we are not going to add jobads from other countries.

I’ll see if I can find some info on job api:s abroad

Check if EURES has what you need to find jobs in other European countries.

Thanks for your responses! Yes, I am aware of EURES ofc but they don’t seem to have an API for jobs …