Historical jobs (labour market policy)

I am analyzing some questions about the Swedish labor market, and I found that most of the job advertisements in the historical data were set for 2 weeks or a month. Does the Swedish Labour market or Platsbanken have regulations regarding the duration of advertisements , i.e. better no more than 1 month?

Hi Xiangyu!
The short answer is that ads CAN be published for longer. I’ll (or someone who all ready knows the answer in here)will get back to you with more details like default period and limits.

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Thanks, bryjo. Could you please give me more information about the default period and limits?

I can only tell you the status of how things are right now for currently published ads but please come back with more questions if you want to! For historical ads the situation has of course evolved over time. But this is how it looks now in the services JobSearch and JobStream and is probably more or less correct for the last few years of historical ads.

  • The maximum number of days is 180

  • The default number of days is 30 days in Arbetsförmedlings own ad creation system. This is however just one of many ad creation systems and less than half of the total is created there. More about that further Down.

  • An employer can not set a last day to apply earlier then the date the ad is unpublished

  • Ads can be reached in Platsbanken after they are unpublished if you have the URL - But you will not be able to find it by browsing or searching

To see where an ad comes from in currently published ads you can look at the field source_type for any ad. For AF’s own self service system for employers the source is Annonsera

 "source_type": "VIA_ANNONSERA",

The most common one is Platsbanken DXA which basically means crated in one of many external system

"source_type": "VIA_PLATSBANKEN_DXA",

Much less common is this source which is an internal system where Handläggare at Arbetsförmedlingen create ads for employers. This was much more common in earlier years.

 "source_type": "VIA_AIS",

These 3 main sources have existed for a long time but small changes have of course been made in different systems over time so the complete answer for every historical data set Is probably impossible to document.

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