How to make search result based on occupation name?

Please provide the API detail to make a search based on occuption name?


What data are you interested in?

Are you trying to filter job ads based on occupation name or do you want to search among all occupation names in taxonomies?

We are looking for filter Swedish Agency Jobs based on occupation name on our website I think it is Jobs ads filteration on occupation name.

Hi Surya!
I assume you mean how to search or fetch ads according to the taxonomy concept_id’s. I assume you have an API Key and figured out how to use it and other necessary headers.

The stream API is meant for use for those that want to collect ads for use in your own system. A call like this would give you any new changed or removed ads for the occupation “systemutvecklare” since the given timestamp
Docs for it can be found here

The search API is meant to be used as a live search engine triggered from a GUI. To make a filtering search, basically giving you a list of every ad that is coded as systemutvecklare by the ad creator you could use it like this:

Docs for it can be found here:

If the thing you are missing is the concept_id for an occupation, occupation_group or occupation_field.
You can find documentation of how to do It here