How to retrieve kontaktpersoner and "occupation-experience-year" from the Jobsearch API?

On platsbanken, job ads contain the information Kontakt (the result of adding information in Kontaktpersoner when creating the job ad in Arbetsförmedlingen’s employer portal), however, that information is not returned from an API call (Search job ads 1.17.1). Also, given experience levels are not returned from the API.
For instance, I choose “5 års erfarenhet eller mer” as required experience and publish the ad to platsbanken. Then I call the API and what I get (in the “must_have” object) is

"work_experiences": [
    "weight": 10,
    "concept_id": "7wdX_4rv_33z",
    "label": "Backend-utvecklare",
    "legacy_ams_taxonomy_id": "7632"

without the information/label “5 års erfarenhet eller mer” anywhere (on platsbanken the information is visible). Also, I have filled in Kontaktpersoner which are visible on platsbanken but do not exist in the returned API call. How can I retrieve the missing information?

Kind regards, André

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At the moment you cant retrieve it im afraid.
The kontaktpersoner field is not featured due to certain ads containing information of union contacts which was a legal concern as such information could be considered as a political opinon and therefore left out in the API. All tough published in Platsbanken the question was raised that the API is different because its machine readable. We should really revisit this topic but I think this is actually the first time the question is asked so it hasn’t been prioritised.

Regarding the occupation experience im not 100% but as I remember it was skipped in the Jobsearch format due to the very low percentage of ads actually having the field filled out causing the wrong expectations. The intent for the ad format is to keep it as short and relevant as possible covering up the multitude of differences that actually exist in the created ads. The problem is that with the multitude of ad creation systems and very large format there are a lot of ways to interpret where to put certain information with a lot of the relevant stuff ending up in the free text.

I hope this helps! And thanks again for very good questions!

Thanks @bryjo !
Yes, the API is machine readable but so is the website just with more effort using a scraper. So we would like to request adding it to the API if there are no serious concerns as well as the experience years for the experience object.

Even if employers or third parties still conveniently use free-text forms, it is much easier for us who process the data for matching to get as much structured data as possible from the API :slight_smile:

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Both of them are now included on our backlog as things to investigate. If other users reading this have also been missing these please reply or like Andre’s message as it helps us with what to prioritise!