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We want to show same search result likeörsäljning

Using Swedish Agency search API but currently, it is showing different result. Please find below detail how we are making a API call and let us know what we are doing wrong. Also let us know the correct way to call the API to show result same as above link’.$municipality_id.’&q=Försäljning


Hi Surya!
I did a quick check and I believe the results are actually the same but there could be confusion due to Platsbanken displaying the text:
" 4 161 jobb i 2 444 annonser"
Meaning 4161 positions in 2444 ads.

In the resultset in JobSearch you get these numbers where value = number of ads and positions = positions :
“total”: {
“value”: 2444
“positions”: 4161

Could this be the answer to your question?

I should also point out that all Platsbanken queries are not guaranteed to use the search API in a completely “vanilla” manner but may be run in slightly different ways at times and there can also be caches between them and the search that skews the numbers at times. The database it queries will however be exactly the same as you query with jobs each.