Remote work as a concept?

during the COVID pandemic :mask: remote jobs have become quite relevant (and will probably stay relevant), so I was wondering if it is in the roadmap to have remote work as a concept in the APIs (and also as an option on Platsbanken, section “anställningsvillkor” for instance). Moreover, I think that many employees will prefer to search for jobs that offer at least a certain percentage of remote work since they got comfortable with the benefits of it. :wink:

Greetings, André

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Hi, we actually have a parameter to find ads with a high likelyhood of allowing remote work.
'remote' True/false

However, it is not structured data, only matching of some phrases that usually indicates that remote work is allowed. Until that data is provided by the employer, it’s a bit of guesswork

The phrases we currently match are found here: elastic-importers/ at master · JobtechSwe/elastic-importers · GitHub

It is on the Roadmap but as Oskar points at in his reply we miss the most important part of this which is the need for structured data.
The working group for the “next ad format” had the idea to provide a free text field for structured keywords in ads where “remote work” would be an example. This is supposed to give a much a higher accuracy for where to both find and put certain information that doesn’t fit squarely in other fields.
It has also been discussed if remote could actually be treated as a location.
The main idea of the new format is to keep it simple to start with as its much harder to remove fields than adding them.

No matter the exact solution the most important part to make these jobs easy to find and filter is how it looks in the many interfaces used by employers.

As to when we will see something live id rather not guess as there are multiple groups involved with a lot on their hands and the job involves a new ad format which is a very big change. But I believe all of them agrees with you about the need for this.

Hey, since you have added the “work-place-environment” concepts to the taxonomy, including distansarbete … will it also be retrievable from the Job Stream API? Btw, great updates in the latest taxonomy! :+1:

No, we don’t have any plans for API changes for this concept right now. Not until that data comes from the employer.